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Just prior to the official opening of Boone Hall Fright Nights, come experience an all new event that is sure to get your heart pounding. Running Scared is a 5K run, walk, crawl, however you can make it through the Zombie Apocalypse course.

As you run through Zombie infested woods at Boone Hall containing Fright Nights sets and scenes; including the all new attraction for 2013 - ZOMBIE TOWN.

The object of this run is not to be the fastest (no one will be timed), but to make it to the finish line without being infected. Then join in the ultimate Zombie Bash with music, food, beer and more. This is going to be one “killer” day.

Register to become:
· Runner
· Feasting Zombie
· Part of the Zombie Horde

For those who just want
to WITNESS the carnage,
buy spectator tickets here.